Space Within

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Work Overview

An under-performing space is identified and selected to be redefined by means of a creative intervention.

Within the space, a wall is designated to receive a securely mounted relief sculpture as a subtle gesture and newfound expression.

The relief sculpture, concept-driven and commissioned as a limited edition, is a robust cast of an abstracted human figure walking in full stride.

Art Form



Life-Sized Abstracted Male Figure Walking in Full Stride


Reinforced Plaster


Interior Space  / Gypsum Wall Board / Smooth Finish

Hand crafted to custom fit and match your space.

Made to Match

The life-sized plaster sculpture is intended to have a finish surface that matches your walls’. To achieve this aesthetic, the wall’s finish (visible texture, touch, and light absorption) is acutely studied; texture samples are collected in the field, analyzed, and modeled onto the surfaces of plaster samples for side-by-side comparison and approval.  Once the textures are deemed a match, the skin surfaces are applied to the life-sized figure mold for casting.